Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Insul-Bead" mean?
When Insul-Bead first started, we only made EPS foam products. EPS in it's raw form is "beads" and we were producing a lot of "insulation" at the time. Although our product line extends far beyond EPS now, as the old saying goes "you can't change horses in midstream."

Made in the USA
90% of our products are made in America and most are manufactured at our headquarters in northwest Arkansas. We are proud to be an American owned and operated company.

Manufactured Products
We manufacture most of our products in our 40 acre factory complex in northwest Arkansas. Less than 10% are made in other states or countries. For our list of manufactured products click here.

Distributed Products
Along with our own product line, we distribute kayaks and kayaking accessories, coastal and resort style outdoor furniture, boat shrink wrap and boat trailer accessories. For more information on our distributed products click here.

Return Policy
For wholesale items, all sales are final once the products ship. If items arrive damaged you must contact us at the time of arrival. If you sign off on damaged items, they cannot be returned.