Made of galvanized steel, standard sizes are 20' and 60' long x 3', 4' and 6' wide. We can custom build a specific size as needed.

Add On Options:
• Light duty and heavy duty mounting brackets
• Walkway wheels and axels
• Swivel walkway connectors

Our stand-offs are made of heavy duty galvanized steel and are designed to anchor docks to shore. Features strong mounting teeth to help keep your stand-off and dock exactly where you want it.

• Available in three sizes: 3'x16', 4'x16' and 4'x20'

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Dock Finger Stabilizer
Made of galvanized steel, our dock finger stabilizer attaches to frames to support dock fingers. For use when one dock section needs to be connected at a 90 degree angle to spread out the load on the hinge points.

Underwater Bracing

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Winch Tower

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